The Prince’s Cat

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Title: The Prince’s Cat

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After running away from me, did you think you’d be forgiven?

When she was a young girl, Lil who had lost her memories and was wandering the forest, was picked up by Prince Samuel. Samuel begins to keep such a girl as if she were his pet cat and begins to lose himself. In the depths of the forest, in the abode where there are few visitors, they will drown in eachother’s bodies….. With the appearance of those who know of Lil’s past, Samuel suddenly apologizes! What!?


Chapter 1.

“I’m back, Lil.  have you been a good girl?”

Lil let out a shout in response to the quiet voice from the doorway, the hem of her white dress swaying.

“I slept a lot. Lil dreamed a lot. I saw a happy dream, a dream of playing together with the Prince, I saw it.”

As she says this, she wraps her arms around the Prince’s neck and rubs her face affectionately against him. The Prince put his hands on her cheeks and strokes her face and under her chin many times. As one might do to a cat.

“You didn’t forget my face”

“Lil will never forget the face of the Prince. I will never forget.”

“But after three days, a cat can forget its owners face.”

“I won’t forget, Lil won’t forget.”

The Prince takes out a box and holds it in front of Lil. The box is made of plain wood, with a clasp shaped like ivy. She gently opens it and inside, lying on velvet, is a golden bell with designs of lilies and feathers. When the Prince shakes it lightly, a cool high tone sounds in the room. He passes a strip of red leather through the bell and puts it around Lil’s neck. The Prince narrows his blue-gray eyes into a half-moon shape and smiles.

“Before, Lil didn’t have a bell.”

The Prince enjoyed the sound the bell made as Lil leaned forward slightly. Her previous bell had broken and since then he had been searching for a new bell. Not just any bell, but a beautifully crafted bell to suit a beautiful Lil. For three days, the Prince had stayed in the castle where the queen of this country, his mother, lived. He had happened to find this bell there. It was a gift to his mother from an old friend, crafted by an artist in the east.

“From first glance, I thought that this would look better decorating your thin white neck than it would in the hall of my mother’s castle. How do you like it?”

When asked this, Lil nodded, and the bell around her neck let out a chiming sound. Lil ran her fingertips over the surface a couple of times and then put her hands on the Prince’s knee, looking up at him with sweet eyes.  Lil’s eyes are thinner than black tea and have a deeper amber color than gold.

If he used one of Lil’s golden eyes as a bell, then she would surely become more beautiful.

But then Lil’s eyes would be reduced by one. That’s no good.

Lil, who didn’t notice the Prince’s quiet sigh as he rejected the idea,  nodded with a half-hearted expression of joy and loneliness.

“This bell, I’m very happy. However, I’m even happier that you’ve returned. I had a pleasant dream about you. But I also had a sad dream. A dream where the Prince didn’t come back. That’s what I saw.”

That innocent face was so lovely that the Prince had a strong urge to embrace her right then and devour her lips. But because he knew that that was not Lil’s meanings, he brushed away her hands.

“It can’t be helped. Sometimes I have to leave you because my mother gets angry. It was only three days, anyways. ”

In fact, he was supposed to stay even longer at the castle, but he left his mother this morning and ran to the carriage with haste so that he could return. But he didn’t feel like telling Lil this.

“But Lil is always with the Prince. Wake up, eat rice, play, play, read books, take a bath, all the way until bedtime. I hate it, hate it.”

The Prince stroked the top of Lil’s head. As she put her hands on his knees again, the edge of his lips curled up in satisfaction.

“That’s right, if Lil doesn’t want to be without me, she should stay with me forever”

As he always does, the Prince puts his hands through the gap of her dress. As he slowly rubs the small chest that fits snugly into his palms, a delicate sweet gasp escapes from Lil’s red lips.