Psychopath- Double Update!

Chapters 7 and 8 are both up! We meet a whole bunch of new characters, but this still isn’t the full cast! Soon, I’ll have to reformat how I link to the chapters because I can’t fit every chapter into one big long scroll down menu.





3 updates for “My Student Couldn’t Be a Psychopath!!” in a relatively short time. I feel pretty accomplished. 

You might notice some formatting differences in Chapter 2. For instance, it is broken up into 3 different image files because for some reason I couldn’t get one proper screenshot and had to piece together 30 images instead. 

Also, I noticed after posting that some text drifts noticeably towards the left side of the page. It’s almost as if I was very tired when I was editing…

I changed the font for the side-text from Deathrattle to Mister Marker, it just looks a bit softer. 

I apologize in advance if all the text is huge. I have poor vision so it looks like the perfect size to me, but I have no way of knowing what it looks like to everyone else.