Psychopath- Double Update!

Chapters 7 and 8 are both up! We meet a whole bunch of new characters, but this still isn’t the full cast! Soon, I’ll have to reformat how I link to the chapters because I can’t fit every chapter into one big long scroll down menu.





3 updates for “My Student Couldn’t Be a Psychopath!!” in a relatively short time. I feel pretty accomplished. 

You might notice some formatting differences in Chapter 2. For instance, it is broken up into 3 different image files because for some reason I couldn’t get one proper screenshot and had to piece together 30 images instead. 

Also, I noticed after posting that some text drifts noticeably towards the left side of the page. It’s almost as if I was very tired when I was editing…

I changed the font for the side-text from Deathrattle to Mister Marker, it just looks a bit softer. 

I apologize in advance if all the text is huge. I have poor vision so it looks like the perfect size to me, but I have no way of knowing what it looks like to everyone else.

 Here’s the Plan

So, I don’t want to overwhelm myself right off the bat. I’m gonna try to stick with minimal projects for now, and even those are pretty big
My Student Couldn’t be a Psychopath!


So, this is a Lezhin webtoon that was initially published in Korean. However, there is an official Japanese translation which is what I will be using to translate.

The plot revolves around a large cast of characters, from students to school doctor’s, and everyone has their own series of complex issues. The tone is mostly darkly comedic with shades of romance and psychological drama.


I will be personally translating this series, rather than MTLing so updates may be slower to ensure quality translation.

The Spice Rack

The Spice Rack is going to be a collection of PREVIEWS, rather than fully translated projects. I will be focusing on Sonya Bunko light novels because they provide preview excerpts of many of their stories and they can for the most part be MTLed. These stories are of the ~☆Spicier☆~ variety, so if any one has any experience with smut translations and wants to help me proof-read, you are my savior.


The purpose of the Spice Rack is because I’ve seen some demand for Sonya Bunko novels but none have been translated. This way, at least people can get a quick idea of what each novel is like and decide if they’d like to purchase and/or translate a particular novel.

Possible Future Projects

Lan Chi

Lan Chi is a very interesting manhua that focuses on a young girl being adopted into a new family. From there, things get….complicated. I think this one is best describes as a shoujo with a bit of a dark ambience. I am the worst when it comes to my knowledge of Chinese, but I may pick this up in the future. 

In the meantime, another group actually HAS done a significant amount of translations. You can read their scans here

And you can find continued translations here