New Project

Since Psychopath is dead, I’ve decided to pick up a new project. This one is a light novel called How to Escape from an Implacable Man. It’s a fantasy shoujo with male yandere themes, right up my alley. I hope you guys will enjoy it.Since the first two chapters have already been translated, I will be starting at Chapter 3. If you guys have any suggestions for other new projects, please let me know. o0729106613810661011


Spice Rack: My Battle With the Marquis

Read it here


Another one with some light smut right off the bat. This guy does not mess around…

Anyways, chapter 7 and 8 of Psychopath should be released later tonight. Chapter 7 is fully typeset so I’ll be spending the rest of today typesetting Chapter 8 and then converting the files into proper format and whatnot. Enjoy!

New Spice Rack title- Prisoner



Read it here

Remember, like, a week ago when I said that I won’t be translating smut?

Well, this one kind of stretches the limits. There’s no explicit sex scenes, but there sure are a lot of mentions of sex. This piece is a companion piece to the first Spice Rack title, except from Yan!Brother’s perspective.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but I do not condone incest, rape, violence, ect, ect. If you have a hot sister or a hot brother, don’t take after Ralph’s example for the love of all that is good.

Anyways, I kind of feel like I need to take a shower after this one, lol. I might just move straight to the next Spice Rack novel while I’m on a roll.

A Note About Smut

So, last week I set about working on the Spice Rack. As if to test my resolve,  the very first book was a twincest non-con. Putting that aside I translated the entire preview except for one part: the smut. 

Initially, I had intended to translate the smut previews as well because I figured my future readers might enjoy it. But let’s be real here. There’s only so many hours of my life that I’m willing to spend on translating Japanese smut. There’s only so many times I can stand to see female genitalia being called “the honey pot”. 

So, here’s the new plan. 

Most of the smut previews are pretty much just the same boring sex scene over and over again, so I will only be translating particularly interesting or plot-relevant smut scenes. This is for my sanity as well as yours.

This is subject to change if anyone ever volunteers to be designated smut-translator, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. With that said, I hope to update the Spice Rack sometime tomorrow.