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Title: Prisoner

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Today, I intend to defile my sister’s body

Ralph succeeded the Duchy after the death of his parents. He had always carried an unusual obsession for his pure-hearted sister, Shirley and enjoyed the time together with her, undisturbed by their parents. There is no blood connection between Shirley and Ralph. He intended to tell her someday and then marry her. He decided it would only be the two of them together forever. However, one day he is informed that Shirley might have a lover. A companion story to Confinement, from Ralph’s perspective.


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Prologue- The Bird That Strayed From It’s Cage

His sister-in-law, Shirley, looks into the room with a scared look.

Ralph Brightwell, the head of the Brightwell family and 17 years old this year, secretly smiled at her figure. He had expected her to come here. His heart pounds at the visit from the girl waiting for him. Illuminated by the light of the candlestick, her gorgeous hair, lovely dark green eyes, eyelashes like a dolls’, and rose-colored cheeks emerge from the dark. Her peach-colored lips have a sensual feel and makes one want to kiss them just by looking. Her thin white skin, delicate body, sweet scent. Absolutely everything about her makes Ralph’s heart stop.

Ralph has felt like this towards her since they were both very young.

“Please come in. You couldn’t sleep?”

He speaks gently to his sister-in-law who seems scared and frightened. She comes into the room, looking apologetic.

“…I- I had a scary dream…”

His sister speaks like a child, looking down dejectedly. She is usually a very gutsy person. She always takes care of Ralph as her brother-in-law. Nevertheless, at times like this, she is like a different person.

“I also had a scary dream. It’s alright, let’s sleep together”

Ralph almost laughs at how today the two have switched positions. No, he can not laugh. Because right now he is acting as a younger brother who is worried about her. He goes to Shirley who is standing still in hesitation. She seems to believe that she is hindering her brother from falling asleep. Her expression of ‘I’m sorry’ is so lovely that he can hardly bear it. There was nothing for her to worry about. After all, he had been waiting in hopes that she would come to him.


Ralph, who was pleased with the situation going as planned, smiled slightly. Shirley, who is still looking down, doesn’t seem to notice it. He keeps his heart steady and approaches his sister-in-law. The fragrant smell of sweet rose soap reaches his nostrils. She was in the shower until recently. He could hear the sound of water from his room. Ralph had been excited, imagining her in the shower. Even now, he still felt it.

Shirley believes that she and Ralph are connected by blood, so she does not see the man in front of her as a man who might target her. When she is so oblivious and defenseless right in front of him, he is driven by a desire to defile her right there. Ralph forcibly shoves these desires to the bottom of his heart.

He shouldn’t. Not yet. He can’t do such a thing now. Only when she is able to abandon her body and mind to him. Only then can he fully enjoy the seductive body of his sister-in-law to the very end.

“…Let’s sleep together.”

The sweet smell drifting from Shirley is dizzying. His breathing becomes uneven. He desperately suppresses it, heading to the back of the room with his sister-in-law who wears a sorrowful expression. There is a reason that Shirley seems to be more frightened than usual today.

Earlier in the evening, she was suddenly attacked by someone from behind. He threw her pure body down on the grass, took her body, forcibly took her virginity. Poor sister-in-law. Although Ralph has a girlfriend, he’s never touched her body. He is determined that he will be more gentle to Shirley than anyone else. Shirley is more important than anyone else. He will never forgive the criminal who tore her body.

That’s a lie.

Ralph’s real feelings are different. He wanted to push her down on the bed right now, lick every inch of her sweet body. He wanted to take as much as he wanted and pour all of his heat into her. Ralph consoles his elder sister and successfully slides into bed. He pulled a blanket over her delicate form. He wants to peel away all that obstructive clothing, fully inhale her sweet scent and to enjoy every bit of her smooth skin. Simply imagining it, his body temperature rises as well as his desire to express it.

He will not force her. He will be a gentleman. Gently, with compassion. In order to render her unable to escape, he must first open the hard shell of her heart.

“…Sister…Can I hold you?”

To his inquiry, Shirley nodded slightly.

“It was painful, right? It’s okay now. I will protect you forever.”

Ralph apologized in his mind while gently hugging his sister who was about to cry.

He did something very bad today. Was it really so painful, her first time? In reality, the attacker was Ralph. However, his sister-in-law never doubted him and sought consolation from her brother-in-law who had assaulted her. Is such comedy really possible?

However, no matter how much he plays the fool, he can’t hide the truth forever. In order to possess all of Shirley, there is still something he must do.