My Battle with the Marquis

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Title: My Battle with the Marquis

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What are you doing in my room so late at night!?

During her elder sister’s birthday party, the Countess Adelicia is approached during the night. Her opponent is Jealant, who is beautiful, accomplished in both military and literary arts, and at a young age became a Marquis. What!? This must be a mistake! To begin with, he has a reputation as a terrible person! Adelicia tries to escape but Jealant persistently approaches her…



Ch. 1 Bedroom Intruder

“W-wait a minute!”

Adelicia, the second daughter of the Count Martin, was fighting a fierce battle in her bedroom.

“Why, why are you here!? And why are you doing this?”

Adelicia cried out, barely avoiding his approaching lips by pushing his face aside.

“Why… It’s obvious that this is a nighttime visit”

Saying such a thing in a seductive lower tenor is the man who is currently on top of Adelicia. It is Marquis Jealant Mafine Stanley. Succeeding that cursed house at a young age, he is both good-looking and highly accomplished. Moreover, he is very wealthy, so he is sought after as one of the best husband candidates by aristocratic daughters. The prime candidate would be the crown prince, but he is royalty and is hard to get close to. On the other hand, the Marquis is high-ranking and loves to party. He also has many contacts, so he seems easier to approach. But Adelicia has no idea why such a person has snuck into her room.

“Are you mistaking me for someone else!?”

Adelicia shrank away and screamed as he tried to put his hand on her night dress.

“I am Adelicia! I am not Refienne!”

That’s right,  this person was supposed to come home with Refienne, Adelicia’s older sister. He must have intended to come to Refienne…surely.

“I understand very well that you are not Refienne.”

Saying so, the Marquis gives Adelicia a kiss on the cheek. Even as she tries to avoid him by moving her neck, the mouth pursuing her is very persistent. Apparently he is not doing such a thing by mistake. Which means-

“You’re using me as a substitute for her!?”

Adelicia yells her conclusion. Surely that’s it. It must be. The Marquis is perfect both in status and appearance, but Refienne’s heart already belongs to another. She likes her childhood friend Andre, the eldest son of Count Ladisia. Of course, the feelings are mutual between them. Even my future has been decided. Even the Marquis must of known better than to get between two lovers. That’s why he’s going after the sister who looks so much like Refienne….How annoying.


The Marquis, who looked puzzled for a moment, let out a laugh. As if Adelicia had said something strange. Then, with his vivid eyes sparkling, he said while looking down on her,

“You’re not a substitute, Adelicia. I’ve been aiming for you since the beginning.”

Tonight at Adelicia’s house, there was a party to celebrate Refienne’s birthday. Refienne has many friends and worshippers due to her beautiful, neat appearance and charming personality. Because of this, there were lots of people attending her birthday party.

Among them, the most noteworthy was Marquis Jealant Mafine Stanley. With glossy black hair and fascinating, jade-colored eyes. His eyes make one feel refreshed just by looking at them, and even the bridge of his nose curves gracefully. His form is slender, but still masculine. His demeanor is gentle, and he is both intelligent and courteous. His top trait is the height of his status. A charming man that attracts women non-stop- that is Jealant.

That kind of man was at Refienne’s birthday party. Of course, since Refienne had a wide circle of friends and Jealant went to many parties, so the two were familiar with eachother. However, it is a different matter to attend a party hosted by the person themselves. To go to a personal event like this- a woman’s birthday party- was something the Marquis had never been known to do before. So everybody, including Adelicia who watched with a glowing smile as the Marquis mingled in the center of the room, thought “I wonder if Refienne has caught his eye”

As Adelicia watched him talk and smile with Refienne, her eldest brother Albert, and her parents Mr and Mrs. Martin, Adelicia’s guess turned into conviction. He must have come here for Refienne.

In reality, Jealant had been trying not to draw attention to himself but he was bombarded with greetings and invitations to dance. He conceded to talk. Because of this, he ended up giving the appearance of having special feelings for Refienne.

—His heart was in pain.

With honey-colored hair and sapphire eyes just like Refienne. As he thinks about it, there are many parts quite similar to Refienne. But even so, she is not the flower that Adelicia is. She gives off a modest impression, but only because she shows no desire to decorate herself or show off.

Her character is also different. Adelicia’s hobby is reading while the sociable Refienne loves talking with people. Adelicia is really not interested in parties. She’d rather spend her time reading a new book than listening to gossip and socializing. In short, she’s rather unsociable.

Nevertheless, Adelicia is not unhappy with her personality. Her family always seems worried about their daughter who, at the age of 17, is not interested in high society, but Adelicia has friends who understand her. Such as her twin brother, Randall. She feels that there is no need to force herself to be social. That opinion was divisive.

It is natural that Refienne would be preferred over such a person. Even Marquis Stanley must think so. Again, as she stayed as a wallflower and watched Refienne dance with the Marquis, she had that thought–

…Then what is all of this about?  As Adelicia looks up at Jealant, who has pinned her wrists above her head and is deftly unbuttoning her night gown with his free hand, she is filled with questions. What he said just then… If she’s not a substitute, then why?


“What is?”

Jaelant, who is happily working on her clothing’s buttons, picked up on her small misunderstanding and asked a question in return. In the meantime, his hand had not stopped.

“It’s impossible for me to be your target.”

“You still don’t believe me? That is alright, I will just have to convince your body. Like this.”


Adelicia opened her eyes, feeling fresh air hit her exposed upper body. When she rushes to raise her head, she sees that Jealant has finished unbuttoning her shirt and is now pushing it open. Adelicia’s breasts have been exposed to a man.


Adelicia finally understood that this man, the Marquis Jealant Stanley who has captured the hearts of many women, is intruding in her bedroom. Even though she had been pushed down like this and restrained, it had still seemed too unbelievable. However, it now seems to be an undeniable fact. The Marquis in front of her came into her room intending to take her chastity. Adelicia was astounded to see that he was serious.

“Wait! Stop! Stop!”

In a panic, Adelicia tried to shake off the hand restraining her. But the power of Jealant’s hand holding her to the bed never lessened and the weight of his body on hers held down her lower body. Adelicia doesn’t notice that her nightdress moves as she struggles, nor does she realize that it has completely slid off of her. Now, only the drawers on her lower body cover her skin.

While looking down at her white body, Jealant says in a feverish voice,

“I will not wait– I will not wait any longer. Because I have been waiting for this moment for so long.”