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Title: Confinement

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It’s a sweet fragile cage

Shirley lost her parents in an accident. Het only remaining family is Ralph, her twin brother. Shirley is determined to protect her brother in her parent’s absence but is shocked when she hears rumors of him having a lover. Although it’s forbidden, her feelings for him swell and become indecent. Is this a dream?


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It is a sweet, fragile cage.

Prologue: A Nightmarish Evening

The clear blue sky becomes gradually stained with orange. She had planned to return to the mansion by sundown today. However, it seems she won’t make it on time. She’s returning from a date with a man she’s recently begun dating. Shirley Bright, who had just turned 17, was rushing homeward.

Her brother Ralph awaits her return at his residence. In contrast to her, he’s likely to be in a bad mood. Ralph is very spoiled and sulks whenever he’s left alone. 

“A date? You’re not bringing me with? In that case, but some chocolate brownies from Lily&Johnny on your way back. Otherwise, I’ll have to follow along and bother you both.”

Ralph had conceded in exchange for a souvenir. Her and her lover, Ronnie, went to the school library for their date. However, the candy shop is located on Main Street, quite a distance from the library. Shirley, wanting to see her brother’s smiling face, went the whole way on foot.

Lily&Johnny is a small sweets shop, run by a married couple. Popular items are often sold out by evening. Though she didn’t tell het lover this, Shirley ended their date early just so she could pick up the brownies. 

Looking eastwards, there seems to be only a short time until the sun sets. When she takes too long, Ralph will sometimes get quite upset. 

“I have to hurry.”

Shirley disembarks from the carriage along the side of a meadow. Lake Levaia is the largest lake in the vast Rigeira kingdom. In the northernmost part of the region, the wool industry flourishes. The city’s main street is thriving, but if you step out of the city you’ll see a wide lake, rich forests, green pastures and a tranquil landscape. In the summer, the forest is rich in green. In autumn, red and yellow leaves fall.

There’s a ranch where sheep and cows are grazing the grass. The people there are of gentle character. Shirley loves everything about this land.

Just coming home makes her feel happy. It’s enough to make one want to sing. These days she can fully enjoy the scenery. However, a year ago, she was crying every day after her parents dies in a carriage accident caused by falling rocks. As time went on, she regained her smile, which is all thanks to Ralph who is always at her side.

Her and Ralph both encourage eachother to live strongly. Shirley cared more for Ralph’s happiness than her own and always did her best to grant his wishes. She’s aware that she spoils him too much. She wants to make her brother, who is as gentle and caring as an angel, happier than anyone else. So, at the very least, she needed to return with the sweets Ralph wanted.

“I hope this will make you happy.”

Shirley rushed to the mansion, clutching the treasured chocolate brownies wrapped in a red ribbon. Through the wide pasture, past the ivy-covered stone walls. As she approaches the house, there is a bridge over a mountain stream. Suddenly, the view in front of her eyes goes dark.


A cloth covers her eyes and is tied at the back of her head. Shirley immediately begins to resist. However her arm is gripped and she is pulled back forcibly.

“Let go of me!”

Shirley lets out a shriek of fear. But this is the Bright residence, and there are rarely passer-bys. Furthermore, after the death of her parents, the number of staff was cut in half. There is little chance of someone hearing her. When returning from the city, Shirley always rides a wagon. Today was so hectic she was unable to find a vacant one and had decided to walk. She never thought she would fall into this kind of situation.

At that moment, a dull pain hits her abdomen. 


It was such a shock that sparks scattered before her eyes. A moment later, Shirley’s consciousness sank into the depths of darkness.


Shirley, who had been knocked unconscious, opened her eyes with a small groan. However, her blindfold prevents her from seeing anything of her surroundings. Her arm is completely numb. It seems her wrists were firmly tied behind her back while she was unconscious. From the feel of the ground, she can tell that she is lying on the grass. The wind brushing her cheeks brings the faint scent of sweet roses. Where is this place?

She listened closely for any traces of people but can only hear the sound of trees swaying in the wind. It is otherwise silent. She can’t understand what is happening.


Shirley tries to wake her numb body. Her abdomen, which had been struck, was so painful that she felt bile rising in her throat at the movement. She tried to pull at the knot tying her hands.

*grunt of pain*

Her legs are free. Perhaps she can find people. With this hope, she attempts to stand. However, her arm is suddenly gripped and she is pushed back to the ground.

“Ah… gyah!”

She hadn’t realized before, but she was in front of the person who had kidnapped her.

“Who…who are you?”

A shiver runs through her body. Her father, Well Bright was a Duke. After her parent’s deaths, her brother had succeeded the huge inheritance. Was this person hoping to hold Shirley for ransom?

The assets of the Bright house belong to Ralph, the current head of family. He is very good but has an immature personality. When it comes to Shirley, his only family, he loses composure and is easily shaken. She doesn’t know what he would do if he knew she’d been kidnapped. 

It is necessary to get out of this predicament for her brother’s sake. If she were not the daughter of a wealthy family, would her kidnapper give up?

She wants to say this, but her body is trembling in fear and the words catch in her throat. It is hard to stop her body from shaking


The person looming over her is large and powerful. He must be a man. She is only a weak woman. Understanding that resisting will be useless, she attempts to calm down. Shirley attempts to back away but her coat is suddenly grabbed.


She raises her voice and thrashes her feet. Mercilessly her jacket is torn with a loud ripping sound. The strings of her now exposed corset are cut all at once. 

“Ralph…help me…”

She raises a sorrowful voice and-

The man flinches.