So, it took longer than I had hoped, but I have two updates for you. One, is the earlier update of Princes of the Night. Second is Chapter 1.1 of L’amour Interdit. I hope you all like them.

Also, I’m considering doing an Advent Calendar type event for December. If I did, I would post daily. The posts could be anything from translation updates to personal posts to photography. It’s a mystery. Lemme know what you guys think of it and what type of things you’d like to see in an Advent Calendar event!


What Should I Update?

I have a little bit of free time, which means that I can update one of my projects. Psycopath is unfortunately off the table for this week because there’s a lot more technical detail and work that goes into scanlating a webtoon. However, I will consider updating the following:

  • Let’s Translate! Losing Love
  • L’amour Interdit- a.k.a Forbidden Love. A French otome game from Ciagram with lots of ~forbidden~ love interests

  • Les Princes De La Nuit (Princes of the Night) Mateus Route- an otome game about vampires, demons and Van Helsing. A bit darker than your typical otome game, this one has an official English version for every route except Mateus, the evil vampire. Mateus’s route is in the French game. 
  • Spice Rack: the Daughter Caught in a Flower Basket-

    Comment about your favorites below!


    I’m sorry to say it’s not one of the main projects, but another side thing. This time there’s some changes. First, it’s a translation from French. Second, it’s in video form! The translations are in the subtitles. I introduce to you the Prologue of L’amour Interdit (Forbidden Love). It’s a free mobile otome game from Ciagram!


    Please forgive me for the background music being weird -_-;..

    I’m Not Dead…Yet

    Wow, it’s been a while. 

    The sad thing is I think I have the nearly completed translations for Chapter 9 just laying around somewhere in my room. I haven’t even had the time or energy to glance at it. However, I’ve been keeping up with the Korean raws on the Lezhin website and it has motivated me to actually get back to work.

    The updates won’t be as speedy as they were before, considering I still have midterms to study for, but something is always better than nothing.

    Let’s Translate! Two Bad Endings!

    Alright, so we’re back to the action. So this game works a bit similar to Mystic Messenger. Rather than set routes, you chat with all the Boys and try to woo them.

    So we start off with Mizuki who says he has a small request for us. 

    Your options are

    A. Yes, what do you need-?

    B. Anything for my favorite person!

    C. I’m busy right now…

    And you can get a bad ending on the very first choice. The second line of the game! That’s a new record. If you pick Answer B, you launch straight into a bad ending. 

    From Mizukis perspective, he talks about how he fell in love with MC-Senpai but kept it to himself. Befriending you instead. 

    He never has enough money to take you out on dates.  There’s a vague line about money being transferred

    MC: [I love you]

    Senpai loves me 

    I also “love” Senpai

    Bad Ending: Money=Love?

    Aand, reset. 

    Ok, so this time around we pick Answer A. Mizuki says he needs to have a talk with you. Your options are

    A. I guess I’ll listen

    B. I don’t have that kind of free time

    C. Fufu, again?

    I picked option C. Mizuki sends you this picture:

    He asks if you know who these men outside your house are. I think it’s implied that you live in the same apartment building? Mizuki notices that the men look burly and kind of scary. 

    A. Take a chance

    B. They’re not relatives?

    C. Do you happen to know them?

    I picked Option C. Mizuki says he doesn’t know them. He asks why they’d be targeting you. 

    A. Before they catch us, let’s run away!

    B. Can’t you just go home as normal?

    C. Shoot them with a slingshot, lol

    I picked Option A. Mizuki says one of them has a scar on their face. Then he asks where he should go.

    A. Can you temporarily stay with your parents?

    B. The bookstore?

    C. A family restaurant?

    I picked Option A. At this point, we get a text from Riki. Let’s talk to him! 

    Riki, right off the bat, asks if we love him

    A. What-

    B. Eh, why all of a sudden?

    C. Nope

    I picked Option A.

    Riki clears up the situation by saying that he heard a rumor about it

    A. No, no. That’s totally wrong!

    B. That’s the first I’ve heard of such rumors

    C. How bothersome

    I picked Option B.

    He notes how silly it is and says that you seem to be the star of the rumors

    A. The star, huh

    B. First off, who started these rumors?

    C. I do love you!

    If you pick Option C, we are launched into our second Bad End. We have a scene where MC confesses to Riki and they start dating. It’s very fun. However, one day you text him that you want to put a raincheck on your date that day. You have previous plans with a friend. 

    Riki monologues about how you seem to put priority on your friends. He says he feels a little lonely

    Bad Ending: Lover’s Priority

    Spice Rack: My Battle With the Marquis

    Read it here


    Another one with some light smut right off the bat. This guy does not mess around…

    Anyways, chapter 7 and 8 of Psychopath should be released later tonight. Chapter 7 is fully typeset so I’ll be spending the rest of today typesetting Chapter 8 and then converting the files into proper format and whatnot. Enjoy!

    Let’s Translate! Losing Love

    This isn’t really so much an official project as just a fun little side thing. I found this free app that’s called something along the lines of “Losing Love/ Losing in Love/Loving Loss” idk, man. 

    What interested me about this was that it looked like it has bad endings. If you know me at all you know that I think bad endings are what makes otome games fun. It’s not a true otome game without the ever present risk of being murdered by one of your love interests! So, let’s look at all of our sweet boys.

    Igarashi Risa (19) – Classmate

    Your slightly pushy classmate. He is prone to creating misunderstandings. 

    “Do you like it?”

    Mizuki Yukito (21) – A Senpai from a Previous Job

    Your frivolous and unreliable work senior. 

    “So you like this sort of thing”

    Kuroda Seigo (20) – Your friends older brother

    A man of few words, usually expressionless

    I don’t know what the quote is saying. Something about a cat’s meow?

    Kubo Takuma (18) – Your junior from high school

    Has a complex about being younger than you. 

    “Senpai is very cute”

    Nagai Masaki (32) University Associate Professor

    Very helpful, never abandons a student in need

    “I’m not perfect, you know”

    Shiratori Rui (26) – Artist

    Likes beautiful things and curvy women. 

    “Won’t you undress a bit?”


    So, do you guys have any preference on which route to start on? I’ll be doing somewhat vague translations of the game rather than a complete blow-by-blow but I’ll try to keep you up on the major plot events.I usually start with the shadiest looking dude, so if you guys have no input, I’ll be starting with Mizuki

    Psychopath News

    The next release of Psychopath is gonna be a double release so the delay is a bit longer. We’ll be introducing quite a few new characters as well, so it will be an important update. I hope everyone is enjoying their week!