Let’s Translate! Losing Love

This isn’t really so much an official project as just a fun little side thing. I found this free app that’s called something along the lines of “Losing Love/ Losing in Love/Loving Loss” idk, man. 

What interested me about this was that it looked like it has bad endings. If you know me at all you know that I think bad endings are what makes otome games fun. It’s not a true otome game without the ever present risk of being murdered by one of your love interests! So, let’s look at all of our sweet boys.

Igarashi Risa (19) – Classmate

Your slightly pushy classmate. He is prone to creating misunderstandings. 

“Do you like it?”

Mizuki Yukito (21) – A Senpai from a Previous Job

Your frivolous and unreliable work senior. 

“So you like this sort of thing”

Kuroda Seigo (20) – Your friends older brother

A man of few words, usually expressionless

I don’t know what the quote is saying. Something about a cat’s meow?

Kubo Takuma (18) – Your junior from high school

Has a complex about being younger than you. 

“Senpai is very cute”

Nagai Masaki (32) University Associate Professor

Very helpful, never abandons a student in need

“I’m not perfect, you know”

Shiratori Rui (26) – Artist

Likes beautiful things and curvy women. 

“Won’t you undress a bit?”


So, do you guys have any preference on which route to start on? I’ll be doing somewhat vague translations of the game rather than a complete blow-by-blow but I’ll try to keep you up on the major plot events.I usually start with the shadiest looking dude, so if you guys have no input, I’ll be starting with Mizuki


One thought on “Let’s Translate! Losing Love

  1. OH MY GOD I’ve seen this game on my recommendations at play store but I didn’t really pay attention to it because I don’t understand the title lol because of you I checked it and boy it didn’t let me down. I’d love it if you start with Mizuki because damn Imma sensing yandere in him asdfghjkl I mean, the picture in play store tells us everything. Sooo excitedd


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