New Project

Since Psychopath is dead, I’ve decided to pick up a new project. This one is a light novel called How to Escape from an Implacable Man. It’s a fantasy shoujo with male yandere themes, right up my alley. I hope you guys will enjoy it.Since the first two chapters have already been translated, I will be starting at Chapter 3. If you guys have any suggestions for other new projects, please let me know. o0729106613810661011


Good News and Bad News (Important)

So, I have some news for everyone. We’ll start with the news you guys will care most about: My Student Can’t Be a Psychopath is getting an official pay-per-chapter English translation. Because of copyright issues I can’t post my own translations of MSCBAP anymore. However you can read and pay for the English translation here:

Second order of business, L’amour Interdit and Princes of the Night also have official English translations now. You can find Princes of the Night in the app store and L’amour Interdit in the Steam Store.

Third order of business, I’ve created a Patreon! You can use it to receive previews of whatever I’m working on, make suggestions as to what I should be working on, or to commission translations from me on other projects. Please check it out! You can find my by searching for DrPepperPotts on Patreon or at

Consider the Following

Hello, everyone! I’m writing today not to give an update but to give a plea for help. I will be buying a psychiatric service dog and I can use all the help I can get. If you appreciate my translations, please consider donating. Even a dollar will help. If you can’t donate, and I completely understand if you can’t, please share my GoFundMe any way you can. The more exposure I get, the better.


So, it took longer than I had hoped, but I have two updates for you. One, is the earlier update of Princes of the Night. Second is Chapter 1.1 of L’amour Interdit. I hope you all like them.

Also, I’m considering doing an Advent Calendar type event for December. If I did, I would post daily. The posts could be anything from translation updates to personal posts to photography. It’s a mystery. Lemme know what you guys think of it and what type of things you’d like to see in an Advent Calendar event!

What Should I Update?

I have a little bit of free time, which means that I can update one of my projects. Psycopath is unfortunately off the table for this week because there’s a lot more technical detail and work that goes into scanlating a webtoon. However, I will consider updating the following:

  • Let’s Translate! Losing Love
  • L’amour Interdit- a.k.a Forbidden Love. A French otome game from Ciagram with lots of ~forbidden~ love interests

  • Les Princes De La Nuit (Princes of the Night) Mateus Route- an otome game about vampires, demons and Van Helsing. A bit darker than your typical otome game, this one has an official English version for every route except Mateus, the evil vampire. Mateus’s route is in the French game. 
  • Spice Rack: the Daughter Caught in a Flower Basket-

    Comment about your favorites below!


    I’m sorry to say it’s not one of the main projects, but another side thing. This time there’s some changes. First, it’s a translation from French. Second, it’s in video form! The translations are in the subtitles. I introduce to you the Prologue of L’amour Interdit (Forbidden Love). It’s a free mobile otome game from Ciagram!

    Please forgive me for the background music being weird -_-;..

    I’m Not Dead…Yet

    Wow, it’s been a while. 

    The sad thing is I think I have the nearly completed translations for Chapter 9 just laying around somewhere in my room. I haven’t even had the time or energy to glance at it. However, I’ve been keeping up with the Korean raws on the Lezhin website and it has motivated me to actually get back to work.

    The updates won’t be as speedy as they were before, considering I still have midterms to study for, but something is always better than nothing.