Spice Rack: My Battle With the Marquis

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Another one with some light smut right off the bat. This guy does not mess around…

Anyways, chapter 7 and 8 of Psychopath should be released later tonight. Chapter 7 is fully typeset so I’ll be spending the rest of today typesetting Chapter 8 and then converting the files into proper format and whatnot. Enjoy!

Let’s Translate! Losing Love

This isn’t really so much an official project as just a fun little side thing. I found this free app that’s called something along the lines of “Losing Love/ Losing in Love/Loving Loss” idk, man. 

What interested me about this was that it looked like it has bad endings. If you know me at all you know that I think bad endings are what makes otome games fun. It’s not a true otome game without the ever present risk of being murdered by one of your love interests! So, let’s look at all of our sweet boys.

Igarashi Risa (19) – Classmate

Your slightly pushy classmate. He is prone to creating misunderstandings. 

“Do you like it?”

Mizuki Yukito (21) – A Senpai from a Previous Job

Your frivolous and unreliable work senior. 

“So you like this sort of thing”

Kuroda Seigo (20) – Your friends older brother

A man of few words, usually expressionless

I don’t know what the quote is saying. Something about a cat’s meow?

Kubo Takuma (18) – Your junior from high school

Has a complex about being younger than you. 

“Senpai is very cute”

Nagai Masaki (32) University Associate Professor

Very helpful, never abandons a student in need

“I’m not perfect, you know”

Shiratori Rui (26) – Artist

Likes beautiful things and curvy women. 

“Won’t you undress a bit?”


So, do you guys have any preference on which route to start on? I’ll be doing somewhat vague translations of the game rather than a complete blow-by-blow but I’ll try to keep you up on the major plot events.I usually start with the shadiest looking dude, so if you guys have no input, I’ll be starting with Mizuki

Psychopath News

The next release of Psychopath is gonna be a double release so the delay is a bit longer. We’ll be introducing quite a few new characters as well, so it will be an important update. I hope everyone is enjoying their week!

New Spice Rack title- Prisoner



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Remember, like, a week ago when I said that I won’t be translating smut?

Well, this one kind of stretches the limits. There’s no explicit sex scenes, but there sure are a lot of mentions of sex. This piece is a companion piece to the first Spice Rack title, except from Yan!Brother’s perspective.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but I do not condone incest, rape, violence, ect, ect. If you have a hot sister or a hot brother, don’t take after Ralph’s example for the love of all that is good.

Anyways, I kind of feel like I need to take a shower after this one, lol. I might just move straight to the next Spice Rack novel while I’m on a roll.

A Note About Infirmary Sensei

If you read My Student Couldn’t Be a Psychopath, you’ll probably notice that I call Tanaka-sensei by a lot of different title’s. School Doctor, Health Teacher, Infirmary Sensei, ECT. 

You may be wondering ‘why not just call her a school nurse?’

I’ve actually been specifically avoiding that term to describe her because I feel like School Nurse really has a different connotation to a lot of Western Readers. There’s been no indication so far that Tanaka Sensei has a medical degree, but her training and skill set is a bit more extensive than many readers might associate with school nurses. She also doubles as a health teacher. 

Spice Rack’s First Title

The first novel preview I promised a couple weeks ago has finally been posted. It’s called “Confinement” and…its about twincest. Enjoy????

This one actually does have a pretty good prologue, although I had some confusion regarding whether or not she was riding a carriage. I apologize for formatting. I hammered this out on my phone and it’s terrible terrible autocorrect, so it’s a bit rough. I think the final product is ok though. 

There’s a line in there about how the MC is “only a weak woman” that kind of made me groan, but other than that she seems like a pretty likeable protagonist. 


3 updates for “My Student Couldn’t Be a Psychopath!!” in a relatively short time. I feel pretty accomplished. 

You might notice some formatting differences in Chapter 2. For instance, it is broken up into 3 different image files because for some reason I couldn’t get one proper screenshot and had to piece together 30 images instead. 

Also, I noticed after posting that some text drifts noticeably towards the left side of the page. It’s almost as if I was very tired when I was editing…

I changed the font for the side-text from Deathrattle to Mister Marker, it just looks a bit softer. 

I apologize in advance if all the text is huge. I have poor vision so it looks like the perfect size to me, but I have no way of knowing what it looks like to everyone else.

A Note About Smut

So, last week I set about working on the Spice Rack. As if to test my resolve,  the very first book was a twincest non-con. Putting that aside I translated the entire preview except for one part: the smut. 

Initially, I had intended to translate the smut previews as well because I figured my future readers might enjoy it. But let’s be real here. There’s only so many hours of my life that I’m willing to spend on translating Japanese smut. There’s only so many times I can stand to see female genitalia being called “the honey pot”. 

So, here’s the new plan. 

Most of the smut previews are pretty much just the same boring sex scene over and over again, so I will only be translating particularly interesting or plot-relevant smut scenes. This is for my sanity as well as yours.

This is subject to change if anyone ever volunteers to be designated smut-translator, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. With that said, I hope to update the Spice Rack sometime tomorrow.